Personal Details
Provider Name Dr. Alison MacMillan


Dr. Alison MacMillan is a family medicine physician. She was born and raised in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Her interest in science and health prompted her to become a medical lab assistant before returning to school to obtain her BSc at the University of Prince Edward Island. She then received her MD from the American University of the Caribbean, where she completed her studies with honours. She graduated from St. Peter’s Family Medicine Residency in Olympia, Washington and was board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine in 2017. She worked as a family physician in Washington state for several years before deciding to return home to Canada, and Vancouver offered the perfect union between of her love for the mountains and the water.

Her main area of interest is in preventative medicine, but wilderness medicine and weight management are specialties she as been working to learn more about. Regarding her work as a family physician she says, “I value prevention of disease, and I partner with patients to help them make necessary, life improving changes to their physical and emotional health.”