Personal Details
Provider Name Dr. Mostafa Rashed

Dr. Mostafa Rashed, a Family Medicine physician, pursued his medical degree from Cairo University, Egypt. Driven by his ambition he secured a residency position in Family medicine at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) in Qatar (ACGME-I accredited) where he earned his Arab Board certification in Family Medicine. During his career, he has had multiple publications in numerous prestigious journals. In addition, he worked as a faculty member in the Family Medicine Department at HMC and Qatar University, where he trained medical residents and students. Dr. Rashed’s special interest in chronic care is further established by the Diabetes diploma from Southwales University, UK. Dr Rashed’s talents extend beyond scholars of medicine; he is also a skilled professional tennis player, who throughout the years competed in multiple tournaments.

Driven not only by his love for medicine but also his love for sports and the outdoors, led him to relocate to the beautiful British Columbia. His extensive training and previous rapport of multicultural patients uniquely positions him to provide preventive and comprehensive care especially for those with chronic diseases. He is dedicated to helping his patients achieve the best possible physical health and emotional well being, for the best quality of life.